Resort Rules & Regulations

Play with caution & Stay safe

To maximize your safety when engaging in any water activity at the resort, please thoroughly read and strictly follow the below rules & regulations for each area.

✓ Lifeguard on duty from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm
✓ For your safety and health, please observe the following rules: People suffering from any skin, eye, ear, and other infectious diseases and open wounds are not allowed to use the pool.
✓ The swimming pool usage is restricted to resort guests and members.
✓ Appropriate behaviors must be observed; diving, running, and jumping are not permitted.
✓ Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult who can swim.
✓ Children under the age of 7 must wear floaters.
✓ No throwing or tossing of objects in the pool.
✓ For hygiene reasons, all people are requested to shower before using the pool.
✓ Glass items are not allowed around the pool.
✓ Children who are not toilet trained must wear rubber pants over their bathing suits or swim diapers.
✓ Only suitable swimwear must be worn in and around the pool.
✓ Food and beverage consumption is allowed outside the pool only.
✓ Guests who utilize the pool or related facilities do so at their own risk, and the hotel cannot be held liable for any:
Theft of personal belongings.
Damages of personal belongings.
Injuries, accidents, or fatalities in the period no lifeguard on duty.
✓ All towels must be returned to the collection point.
✓ Sun bed allocation and umbrellas are provided on a “first come – first served” basis and cannot be reserved.
✓ The management reserves the right to close the swimming pool area and/or to refuse guests to enter for any reason it deems necessary.
✓ In case of emergency, please contact any employees of the resort.
✓ It is forbidden to spit or nose-blow.
✓ Refrain from using the swimming pool for toileting purposes.
✓ Children who are not toilet trained must wear special swimming diapers. Parents will be charged a pool cleaning fee if there is a soiling event.

1. Beach Safety:
✓ Please refer to beach safety guidelines contained within the guestroom information
✓ Please follow all posted surf and safety warnings
✓ Mövenpick Resort Cam Ranh is not responsible for any injury or loss of property
occurring on the beach or in the ocean.
✓ Swim at your own risk
✓ Be careful of sharp rocks & corals
✓ Be careful of jellyfish and avoid being stung
✓ Be careful of strong currents, you could be swept away and/or drown
✓ Steer clear of watercraft for your safety
2. Beach Rules & Regulations:
✓ There are no lifeguards on duty at the beach. Please be careful.
✓ No running
✓ No diving
✓ No rough play
✓ Do not bring glassware to the beach area
✓ Parental supervision is always required for children
✓ Do not leave your child swim or play unsupervised
✓ No pushing

✓ Stand in the queue until your turn
✓ You must be at least 1.2m tall. Slides are not recommended for people over 50kg.
✓ Slide one at a time and ensure slide is clear before use.
✓ Do not enter the slides by running, jumping or diving
✓ Do not use abusive language & behavior
✓ You must wear proper swimwear
✓ Do not try to stop in the middle of the slide.
✓ Please lay down and cross your hands while on the slides
✓ Anyone who has medical condition, please do not use the slides
✓ Mövenpick Resort Cam Ranh is not responsible for:
Any damage or theft to personal injury
Any injury or death that may occur.